IQF Berries Processing Lines

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IQF Berries Processing Lines.


    The IQF technology, developed by Octofrost, has a number of unique features that bring real value to berry processors all around the world:
    - Adjustable airflow and optimal fluidization: to fit any type of berries and increase energy efficiency and yield.
    - Exchangeable OctoFrost bedplates for gentle handling of the products and efficient product separation.
    - Easy-to-clean design for greatest food safety.
    These are a just a few of the key benefits OctoFrost customers enjoy from this unique IQF machinery.

  • When it comes to IQF freezing berries, OctoFrost offers highly efficient equipment while keeping customers’ needs in mind. Working with multiple customers processing premium IQF berries, OctoFrost machines manage to carefully handle even the most sensitive types of berries such as raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and even goji or currants.
    Natural Appearance
    OctoFrost™ IQF Freezer is fitted with adjustable fan speed for quick crust-freezing, preserving natural appearance and achieving good separation of berries.
    Energy Efficiency
    Due to the adjustable airflow in the IQF Freezer, the processors do not need to run the fans at full speed, which translates into significant energy savings.
    High Yield
    The unique aerodynamics of the OctoFrost™ Freezer result into less snow formation when compared to other IQF solutions, which means minimal dehydration and higher yield.
    Food Safety
    The free-standing body, lack of joints, easy-to-clean design, and exchangeable bedplates of the OctoFrost™ Freezer contribute to optimal food safety for IQF berry processors.