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IoT device threat detection and response solution IoT Care nano

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Supplier: NORMA INC

- Smart devices have different security levels per vendors.
- The inadequate security mechanism results in the victim of the hackers' attack.
- IoT Care nano is an all time full coverage of an IoT terminal threat management solution.
- It is an embedded agent that detects, investigates, and responds to all security threats occurring in the IoT.


  • Function:
    - APK File Checking: Check APK file created in the folder. Check obscure APK file.
    - OS Security Checking: Check OS version and firmware build version. Check OS security function (SELinux) usage and status.
    - Encryption Checking: Check whether data is encrypted.
    - OS Security Patch Checking: Check Android security patch.
    - Firmware Checking: Check Device Rooting. Check Boot lock status. Scan unknown vulnerabilities (0-day) in real-time.
    - WiFi Threat Detection: Detect WiFi connection risk level. Block WiFi immediately upon detection of a spoofing attack.
    - WiFi Risk Measurement: Scan Nearby AP. Measure WiFi risk level.
    Security Threats in the smart home 
    - Forged Device ID: Subsequent attacks such as infiltrating networks and injecting viruses can be attempted by forging unique identifiers.
    - Data Interception: Sensitive user information can be intercepted through weak security mechanisms.
    - Data Manipulation: There is a risk of not only intercepting sensitive data, but also tampering with it.
    - Malware Infection: When malware is installed over the network, a botnet is added to deploy a DDOS attack, increasing the size and speed of damage.
    Security scope: Responsible for security in a wide range of IoT smart device applications, libraries, OS kernels, firmware, and hardware 
    - APK file checking in the folder: Specialize in detecting new types of malware. Provide high-efficiency detection results with less manpower in a short time.
    - Zero-day vulnerability diagnosis: Check device integrity and detect zero-day attacks in real-time.
    - Fully scan for known vulnerabilities & app threats: Keep up-to-date security updates and prevent exposure to social engineering attacks.
    - Simultaneous protection of APP and OS areas.
    - Patented Investigation Technology for attack trace: Protect of APP and OS areas by installing a simple app.
    - Applicable regardless of manufacturer or model