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Gear Pelletizer AGF GCS and AGF GMS

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Supplier: Hosokawa Alpine AG

With the Gear Pelletizer AGF cylindrical, stable pellets with uniform length are formed.


  • The gear pelletizer AGF is also known as the low pressure extruder or pelleting machine. This process is known as extrusion.
    The extrusion takes place by a pair of counter rotating hollow toothed rollers. The product is drawn in by the rollers and pressed by nozzle bores or press nozzles. After the product has been pressed into the press channels, it leaves the inner side of the toothed rollers as cylindrical pellets.

    The compression is determined by the relationship of the nozzle diameter to the nozzle length. The nozzle diameter is in the limits of 1 to 10 mm. According to the property needed through-hardened pellets or pellets just hardened on the outside can be produced.

    The Gear Pelletizer AGF can be run dust and gas-tight. Operation with inert gas and with solvents in possible without any problems.


    • Extrusion of stable cylinder pellets
    • Improvement of use and regulation properties
    • Dust-free, cylindrical granulate
    • Pellets with smooth surface
    • High stability of the granulate

    • Conical product chamber
    • Counter rotating toothed rollers
    • Nozzle bores between the teeth
    • Even product feed
    Gear Pelletizer AGF GCS 200/40 GCS 200/60 GCS 200/80 GMS 300/120 GMS 300/200
    Throughput (kg/h) 40 - 120 60 - 180 80 - 240 200 - 600 300 - 3.000