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EMS Neurostimulator

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EMS Neurostimulator.


  • - EMS Neurostimulator is a stand alone, innovative, multi channel unit for cortical stimulation.
    - It is used for electrical cortical stimulation, direct nerve stimulation and muscle stimulation.
    - The EMS Neurostimulator is an all in one system with built in constant current stimulator and up to 192 channel switching matrix.
    - Predefined stimulus protocols allow easy and quick use.
    - The stimulation is rotary and software controlled and the stimulus parameters are user configurable.
    - The Windows based stimulator software displays delivered current, voltage and the calculated electrode resistance.
    - EMS Neurostimulator is USB powered, delivers positive, negative and biphasic pulses in single, continuous and train pulse modes. The Stimulation intensity is adjustable in three ranges from 0-20 mA and the frequency ranges from 0.1 Hz to 1000 Hz, selectable in 0.1 Hz steps.

  • - Stand alone system with EMS Neurostimulator software
    - Up to 192 channel switching unit in one system
    - Windows based application software
    - User configurable stimulus parameters
    - Rotary and software controlled
    - USB interface
    - Predefined stimulus protocols
    - Delivers positive, negative and biphasic pulse
    - Single, continuous and train pulse mode
    - Hardware and software Stop button
    - Save and load function for stimulation protocols
    - Displays delivered current and voltage
    - Displays calculated electrode resistance