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CUBICON Style NEO-A22C high-quality output 3D printer

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CUBICON Style NEO-A22C high-quality output 3D printer.


  • Greater output size allows a larger 3D model to be printed at once
    With the new Build Size lineup, the Cubicon Style NEO-A22C has expanded the bed size as well as has increased output volume by approximately 324% compared to Style Plus-A15CR. Depending on your purpose, you can print more various sizes of 3D models.
    Real-time monitoring and remote control with a built-in camera
    With the built-in camera inside the Cubicon Style NEO, you can check the output process not only on the touchscreen at the front but also on your computer or smartphone. Also, if an output error or failure is identified, the output situation can be controlled through network remote control. (power stop and restart, etc.)
    Auto-Leveling Plus creates high-quality output
    The flatness of the bed on which the build is printed and the spacing between nozzles are important factors in determining the quality of the output.
    Style NEO delivers Auto-Leveling with the error precision within 10μm by applying the industrial load cell, it reduces height error failures during printing and provides the user with the best-in-class output quality.
    The automatic filament feeder with built-in two rollers
    The automatic filament feeder with built-in two rollers allows a more stable filament supply to significantly improve ease of use. In addition, with the contactless optical sensor, it automatically stops the output when there is a supply problem due to filament exhaustion or breakage and reduces output time and saves material waste dramatically by allowing the output to continue when reconnected.
    Various filament outputs are available with a single extruder
    Cubicon Style NEO allows you to print ABS, PLA, PETG, and TPU filaments, as well as special engineering featured filaments, such as low-shrinkage ABS, high-strength PLA, and PC with a single extruder, giving customers the convenience and a great opportunity to experience a variety of materials.
    Applied the NFC system that automatically recognizes the filament type
    You can check the type and usage of filaments through the NFC system. Depending on the filament type recognized, the service temperature (nozzle, bed) is automatically set to prevent material-specific output conditions from failure. In addition, the user can easily check the usage of the filament on the front touchscreen and replace it at proper timing.

  • Dimension

    Product size

    W405 x D451 x H597 mm

    Product weight


    Packaging box

    W530 x D570 x H680 mm

    Packaged weight



    Ambient operating temperature

    15 ~ 35 °C

    Storage temperature

    0 ~ 35 °C


    Power supply

    Free Volt 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, 7.2A ~ 3.6A

    Power consumption

    Max 600W

    Memory and communication

    USB(FAT32/NTFS), Ethernet, Wifi


    Supplied slicing software

    Cubicreator v4 (64bit)

    Input 3D Design File Format

    .stl, .obj

    Supported OS

    Windows 7+ (64bit)


    Printing technology

    FFF type (Fused Filament Fabrication type)

    Printed object size

    W220 x D220 x H220 mm

    Layer height setting

    100 ~ 300um

    Printing speed

    Max 150mm/sec

    Filament diameter


    Filament type

    ABS, ABS-A100, PLA-PLUS, PLA-i21, PETG, TPU(Flexible)

    Position precision

    XY : 3.125um / Z : 1.25um

    Nozzle diameter


    Nozzle temperature

    Max 260 °C

    Heating bed temperature

    Max 120 °C


    KC, FCC, CE



    7 inch Full-color touch screen