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Active harmonic filters type Z-D-35E-100

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

Active harmonic filter for reducing harmonic distortion of non-linear loads. Innovative SiC technology and Schottky diodes, combined with a continuously optimized algorithm, ensure highly harmonic compension. This actve harmonic filter typically reduces the total harmonic distortion of the current (THDi) from 35% to below 5% for a fan power range of 12 - 70 kW. Power ranges deviating from this are possible on request..


  • Application: Fans and control technology for ventilation and air conditioning in data centers.
    Compensation for high energy supply quality is common
    Compensation for displacement reactive power caused by linear loads has been applied since the use of uncontrolled three-phase machines to ensure an optimum energy supply. Their inductive influences are compensated by capacitors at the respective transformer stations with compensation systems in order to support a high quality of the energy supply.
    Demand-based compensation increases efficiency
    With the further development of highly efficient controlled machines, systems and devices, so-called non-linear consumers, the characteristics of energy consumption have also changed. In addition to displacement reactive power, dynamic distortion power is also produced by power electronics. The compensation methods have expanded accordingly, with active analysis options through current transformers, and are therefore able to increase the quality of the energy supply efficiently as required.
    Active harmonic filters increase efficiency and quality of energy supply
    Active harmonic filters primarily reduce harmonics. These occur due to the characteristic energy consumption of non-linear consumers. In our everyday lives, products with power electronics are indispensable. These include LED light sources, IT and telecommunications equipment, frequency inverters, pumps, compressors, uninterruptible power supplies, electric vehicle charging stations, solar inverters and many more.
    Institutions in critical infrastructure, in particular, which both help maintain important social functions and use sensitive electrical devices, such as hospitals, data centres or airports, place great importance on reliability, voltage quality and the stability of their supply.

  • Product specification:
    - Rated voltage: 3~ 380...480 V 50/60 Hz
    - Rated current: 35 A
    - Rated temperature: 40 °C
    - Maximum ambient temperature: -10 °C - 50 °C
    - Typical max. filter power: 55 kW (at 35 % THDi compensation with target 5 %)
    - Power loss: 415 W
    - System efficiency: 99,3 % (at typical max. power)
    - Weight: 17,0 kg
    - Communication: Modbus RS485, configuration software
    - 1x active harmonic filter
    - 2x current transformer according to the maximum load current
    - Compensation of 2nd to 60th order harmonics
    - Power factor correction
    - Compensation of mains unbalance