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429MHz TS02E NH Remote Control

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Supplier: Nomura Engineering Co, LTD

429MHz TS02E NH Remote Control is a handheld device to control up to 8 RX output. It is housed in a waterproof and dust-proof case.


  • - TS02ENH-8sw is operated in the 429MHz ISM band.
    - It is a handheld to control up to 8 RX output.
    - It is housed in a waterproof and dust-proof case.
    - Please use the exclusive AC adapter. It charges quickly.
    - 429 MHz ISM band, 10mW, continuous transmission.
    (ARIB STD-T67 compliant / RoHS compliant)
    - Technical regulation conformity certification has been acquired in Japan. The license application is unnecessary. You can use it immediately.
    - Multi-channel access: 5channels
    - Rechargeable: Long life of more than 1000 times charge and discharge. Quick charge.
    - More than 20 hours @continuous transmission
    - The button: It was conducted a durability test of 100,000 times or more.
    - Waterproof: It passed the submergence test of IP67 for 1 hour.

  • - Frequency:429.2500~429.7375MHz
    - RF output power:10mW +10/-30(%)
    - Frequency deviation:within ±3.5ppm(-20 to + 70 °C)
    - MCA number of channels:5 channels
    - Battery:size AAA rechargeable battery
    - Battery life:more than 20hours@continuous transmission
    - Antenna:board antenna
    - Operating temp.:-20~70℃(non condensing)
    - Size: 44×129×15.5 mm
    - Weight:93g
    - Compliance:ARIB STD-T67
    - Already certificed: RoHS compliant