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Worldsoft E-Government system

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Supplier: WORLDSOFT Corporation

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the Fourth Industrial Revolution to accelerate the process of innovation, requires public authorities to also innovate in the provision of public services by applying technology. The information is aimed at creating means to perform on the Internet to meet the increasing needs of people and businesses. With experience in participating in implementing e-government projects such as consulting, building and implementing e-government for Department of Home Affairs of Binh Thuan Province, Department of Construction of Binh Thuan and One-stop System in Huong District Tea – Thua Thien Hue Province etc. Worldsoft believes that we are capable of consulting and building public service systems suitable for each locality, department, etc.


    The software system helps employees to easily carry out the work of processing people’s records according to the “one-door” procedure. At the same time, the system supports people to track the status of how their records are being processed and how.
    The project consists of two web systems: a system for the Commission and a web site for people to access to register records and view the status of records.
    Web site system for the Commission:
    - Receive application data from the public web system.
    - Update profile information
    - Update the status for each profile.
    - Allow multiple users to access the system.
    - Allow data backup even when people are still using, updating data.
    - Generate some statistical reports.
    - Web site system for people:
    - Design a data entry form for each profile
    - Search for records.
    - See status of records.

    Land acquisition
    - Management of documents on land acquisition, land allocation, land lease of projects, compensation plan for site clearance damage to land recovery project
    Use real estate
    - Manage dossiers of granting house ownership and land use rights to citizens in urban areas and land use rights for economic organizations.
    Investment License
    - Managing dossiers of granting foreign investment licenses, certificates of investment incentives for enterprises of all economic sectors.
    Marriage records
    - Manage documents about marriage, adoption, birth registration related to foreign elements.
    - Managing records related to changes and corrections of civil status in the country.
    - The system tracks the emulation and commendation work for organizations and individuals.