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STS panel water tank

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Supplier: Moonchang Co., LTD

STS panel water tank is an underflow tank designed for a water purification facility of water supply, which is an environmentally friendly product taking an important role to supply water safely and permanently. 


  • It is designed and manufactured by attaching a molded stainless panel on the concrete side to prevent from the problems that may be caused to generate due to environmental and physical factors (such as water pollution causing and corrosion and rupture causing by stress concentration.

  • - Safety is largely increased by adopting the panel of corner round type (by 14% comparing to existing products)
    - No welding corner round panel that was curved by 90 as applied in order to make up for deviation causing by pressure concentration on the corner which is a weak point of panel tanks.
    - Results from the analysis:


    Welding type

    Round type


    1.5 T

    2.22 Mpa

    1.95 Mpa


    2.0 T

    1.24 Mpa

    1.09 Mpa


    - Thermostat integrated panel:
    Lagging materials integrated panel: It is manufactured with the lagging materials integrated panel water tankin order to increase heat isolation on the upper side and the floor side
    - Sliding type manhole: which is conveniently to be opened or closed comparing with traditional vertical manholes which are inconvenient to be opened or closed, so that even an weak person can close or open
    - 1900/2000 panel: adopted 1900/2000mm panel which is muchhigher than a man’s height so that makes easy to clean up, repair and maintenance. So that the product guarantees a more convenient cleaning, repairing, and maintenance.
    - Diamond type fabrication panel: The results of the test conducted by the Industrial Research Institute of Yeongnam Engineering University show that Diamond type fabricationpanel has approximate 2 times of strength comparing to plain plate,more 40% in deviation, and more 15% in stress.
    The solid floor frame gives a more excellent performances: It is assembled from whole frame rather than through cutting the floor frame and then welding it in the traditional products.