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Smart Grid light system (with upcycling)

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Supplier: EasyLite Corporation

Smart Grid Light  extends simple lighting facilities to state-of-the-art digital systems and dramatically reduces maintenance and electricity costs.


  • - Smart Grid increases manageability and energy savings through advanced PLC control systems.
    - Upcycle Plate is the advanced heat dissipation system that allows the existing analog lighting system to be upcycled by LED lighting, maximizing the efficiency and lifetime of the LED.
    - Smart Grid Light = Smart Grid + Upcycle Plate
    Basic Features:
    • Two-way monitoring and function control (controlled by smart phone)
    • Selective control by Smart Grid technology (individual control)
    • Wireless communication / PLC communication method
    • Automatic control depending on the surrounding environment (level control)
    • Expansion of equipment such as various sensors, CCTV, solar power, etc. (Optional)
    Technical Benefits:
    • Existing facilities can be used by upcycle Plate them.
    • Excellent cooling effect extends life of equipment. (Up to 12 years)
    • IOT technology can save maintenance costs.
    • Complaints are handled quickly and managed efficiently.
    • It is easy to expand security facilities through additional devices. (Optional)

  • - Weight: 1,5kg
    - Thickness: 0,39 in (10mm)
    - Less than 122o
    - Reduction rate: 57,2% 

  • - Reduction of 90% electricity cost, 59% of maintenance cost