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SEM Laser stage

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Supplier: Deben UK Ltd.

The Deben laser stage incorporates an XY grid based laser encoder system, which is extremely stable and easy to align. This type of encoder system automatically compensates for rotational error which is normally present when using separate X and Y reading heads.


  • Using a modular design we can customise stages for most SEM chambers and offer XY travel from 30x30mm to 150x150mm. Control is from the industry standard Deben Sprite SEM stage control system which uses high resolution stepping motors with 50,000 steps per revolution, motors are fitted externally to ensure there are no heating effects on the stage. Rotary magnetic feedthroughs are used to ensure vacuum integrity and the stage is manufactured with vacuum compatible components throughout to ensure there is no adverse effect on vacuum level when installed.
    Specimen mounting would normally be the same as the original stage, utilising a dovetail mounting adaptor which will accept standard SEM specimen holders. The stage has a fixed Z height which if required will be aligned with the specimen air-lock on the SEM chamber, different specimen holders can be used to set the working distance or specimen tilt if necessary as there is no stage adjustment of Tilt or Rotate. Wafer holders can be provided as an option or holders can be designed specifically for customers samples.
    The Sprite stagecontroller provides a comprehensive range of features specifically for the electron microscopist such as position storage, montaging, adjustable software limits and programmable specimen exchange position. The system also has an RS-232 interface which allows communication with a remote computer, EDS or Lithography system. When connected to a Lithography system with stitching software the system will work automatically with the SEM beam shift to correct any positioning misalignment allowing the error free writing of very large patterns.
    Although the replacement stage is heavy, one person can install the system in less than 20 minutes making it easy to swap with the standard stage should the need arise. Specimen current and touch alarm connections are always maintained and will work as if the standard SEM stage was fitted. A vacuum flange is provided on the door and this can be fitted with an electrical feed-through connector as an option.

  • Travel

    Available from 30x30mm to 150x150mm

    Repositioning accuracy


    Absolute accuracy


    Stitching accuracy