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Robot Omron Adept

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Vietnamese version

Supplier: Mekong Technology Co., Ltd

A robot used in plastic injection molding technology; shipping products and packaging products; pouring molten metal into the mold, cutting the excess edge, cleaning castings, metal processing, electronics, machine tools ...


  • • Ethernet system controls Robot with familiar programming language (IEC 61131-3) of NJ / NX automatic machine controller
    • Robots are small in size, meeting high precision requirements from assembly to material handling.
    • Repeatability is suitable for assembly and packaging
    • Designed with high load.

  • • Product code: eCobra 800 Inverted
    • Max. working margin: 600mm
    • Max. payload: 5.5kg
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 2100 x 1600 x 2700 mm
    • Weight: 51kg
    • IP classification: IP20

  • • Shipping products accurately in small areas.
    • Compact design optimizes working space.
    • High efficiency in motion control.
    • Diverse types of robots to meet work needs.
    • Many working modes.