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Portable Total Phosphorus Analyzer LH-TP2M

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  • 5B-6D is the eighth generation laboratory entelligent ammonia nitrogen measunng instrument it has advantage of test precision,wide rage and powerful function. Applicable to scientific research in stitations and gorernment testing institations.

  • Measurement item Total phosphorus
    Measurement range 0-10mg/L
    Measurement accuracy ≤10%
    Minimum detection limit 0.002mg/L
    Measurement time 45min
    Repetition ≤±5%
    Optical stability ≤±0.005A/20min
    Colorimetric method Ф25mm tube
    Storing data 5000
    Number of curves 5
    Display method LCD
    Communication Interface USB
    printer Yes
    Ambient temperature (5 ~ 40)℃
    environment humidity  85%RH
    Instrument size 224mm*108mm*78mm
    Instrument weight 0.55Kg
    Product number LH-TP2M

  • 1. Professional optical design

    Professional portable optical design, testing convenience, can be concentratrion of direct reading, the measurement result more accurate.
    2. With portable digester
    Equipped  with a dedicated portable digester, with digestion tube combination frame, the overall digestion, cooling, easy to operate to prevent burns.
    3. Use tube colorimetry
    Using a wide diameter than the color tube, digestion colorimeteric integration, the experiment more secure, fast.
    4. Using professional reagents
    Equipped with professional consumables reagents, work steps to simplify, measurement more siple and accurate.
    5. Supporting data transmission
    With data storage and equipped with USB interface, you can view and upload stored data.