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Narrow-carrier Cross Belt Sorter

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Supplier: iAmech

Narrow-carrier Cross Belt Sorter is equipped with a series of specially-designed carriers to carry goods. We reduce the dimensions of the original carriers so that the sortation system can have more flexibility to distribute proper number of carriers to sort goods in different sizes and weights.


  • With a maximum sorting capacity of 24,000 pieces per hour, it features flexible chute planning and optimized plant space.
    Crossbelt sorter uses linear motors to drive multiple modular carts, each of which unloads goods into the sorting chute by a belt conveyor that rotates when it reaches the sorting chute.

  • The sorting speed of Narrow-carrier Cross Belt Sorter can reach 80 to 100 m/min.
    Smaller carrier spacing allows for greater flexibility in carrying more goods, improving work efficiency.
    With 99.9% sorting accuracy, narrow-carrier cross belt sorter sorts goods of all size and type.