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MX-CM-700 Zipper Bag Film Blowing Machine Unit

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Supplier: Maoxin Viet Nam Co.,Ltd

MX-CM-700 Zipper Bag Film Blowing Machine Unit


    • Based on the Film Blowing Machine, this machine is designed creatively. With an embossing button automatic sealing zip at the very opening, a bag can be produced automatically freely. The main processor adopts frequency conversion speed governing, photoelectric control, air filling automatically, with a high content of science and technology and power applicability.
    • We use low density polyvinyl chloride LDPE as our raw material and our products can be used to package food, fruit, medicine, documents, industrial products, clothing, fabric and industrial products for civil use.

    • Model: MX-CM-Zipper-700
    • Raw Material : LDPE(density0.921)
    • Max Film Width: 200-600mm
    • Film Thickness: 0.03-0.15mm
    • Screw Diameter: Φ55
    • L/D: 28:1
    • Power of Main Motor: 7.5kw
    • Power of Whole Machine: 28kw
    • Output: 6-35kg/h
    • Die head size: 70,80,100,130,160,180, 200,230,270,300,350,450
    • Dimension(L×W×H): 6000×1600×4500mm
    • Weight: 1.5T