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Laryee HVT-1000 Micro Hardness Tester

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Supplier: Laryee Technology Co.,Ltd.

Laryee HVT-1000 Micro Hardness Tester


  • - Test load
    0.098N (10gf), 0.246N (25gf),
    0.49N (50gf), 0.98N (100gf),
    1.96N (200gf), 2.94N (300gf),
    4.90N (500gf), 9.80N (1000gf)
    - Leus/indenter switch: Motorized Turret
    - Carriage control: Automatic loading and unloading method
    - Magnification of microscope
    + For measurement: 400X (Object lens 40x , eyepiece 10x)
    + For observation:200X (object lens 20x, eyepiece 10x)
    - Load holding time: 5-60 second
    - Measuring microscope: Min measuring unit: 0.0625um
    - Testing field: 1-2967HV
    - Micro test table: Dimensions 100x100mm
    - Movement: 25mm in X&Y axis
    - Max. height of specimen: 70mm
    - Max. depth of specimen: 95mm
    - Out put: Installed with innner-printer and RS232 interface
    - Power supply: AC110V/220V 60/50HZ
    - Dimensions: (L ) 425 X (W) 245X (H)490mm
    - Weight: Gross Weight:: 42KG, Net Weight: 35KG