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Hanging Sorter

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Supplier: iAmech

High rail design is able to maximize the usage of operational area. Hanging sorter is not only able to sort goods but also storage and handling goods by hanging.


  • High-speed sortation systems accommodate a wide range of sizes, weights and package types, from 0.1kg soft parcels to 45kg large parcels, with a maximum sorting performance of 24,000 items per hour.
    The high-speed sortation system is a key to the material handling system and is widely used in production logistics systems or logistics and distribution centres in various industries. Moreover, high speed sortation system is one of the key equipment for automatic goods sortation.

  • With the sorting speed up to 20m/min, the sorting capacity can reach to 6,000 pcs/hr.
    Hanging Sorter uses special-designed hangers to transport goods, which is suitable for sorting clothing and hanging goods.
    Modular design for fast deployment and minimalist architecture allows for a stable and durable system with virtually zero maintenance costs.