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Gensuite Security Management System

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Supplier: Gensuite LLC

Gensuite Security Management software streamlines key elements of corporate security management to help protect organizations’ facilities, people and assets. Conduct facility risk assessments, review risk profiles, and engage with employees and industry professionals in security incident reporting and follow-up processes.


  • With smooth, every day operations hinging on multiple internal and external factors in order to successfully occur, it is essential that companies have measures in place to mitigate risks to its people, facilities and assets. Without integrated security management, organizations lack visibility and foresight to respond quickly to potential threats, in addition to align security to overall organizational risk reduction goals.

    Integrated security management software allows your organization to fully understand potential security risks that could halt operational and organizational progress in its tracks. Build custom risk profiling and scoring systems, capturing necessary analytics and insights to fully understand your risk landscape. Streamline security audits and immediately initiative preventative and corrective actions on-the-go with mobile capabilities. Digitization allows you to increase team engagement and proactively collect security concerns from employees, alerting the security team of potential incidents that arise. With an integrated system, your organization can build a proactive approach to easily identify trends and threats and mitigate risks.

    • Compile information with key details about site location, security/emergency plans and emergency contact information
    • Establish custom risk profiling model with a scoring system within your organization for understanding potential security risks
    • Schedule security drills and other operational tasks with automatic reminders
    • Capture security concerns from all employees and alert the security team of potential incidents with the ability to escalate a security incident
    • Document security incidents including incident follow-up and closure with document attachment capability (e.g. police report, pictures, investigation documentation)
    • Leverage integrated reporting tools for analysis and identifying security incident trends
    • Conduct audits of the security management program to assess potential program gaps and identify corrective actions

    • Quickly identify and mitigate organization-wide security risks with custom security & vulnerability risk assessments
    • Support security and crisis management plans with integrated incident investigation tools
    • Avoid fall out from potential program gaps by utilizing digitized security audit capabilities
    • Proactively capture security concerns by engaging employees in security audits
    • Accelerate and centralize the search for key investigation details with centralized security incident reporting and document storage
    • Respond to evolving security threats and proactively identify trends with integrated analysis and reporting tools
    • Expedite resolution of corrective actions by engaging assigned team members with automatic email reminders & escalation capabilities