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Gensuite Quality Management Software for QMS Compliance

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Why do businesses need an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) framework? Implementing a quality management solution can help ensure that your company is delivering the best product possible, establishing a streamlined corrective and preventative action (CAPA) process, upholding customer expectations, and meeting compliance standards. Discover Gensuite’s all-encompassing Quality Management Software solution!


  • EHS managers, quality analyst, and quality engineers understand the importance of environmental and sustainability efforts and expectations; they also understand that the quality of their company’s products and services must remain high. Just as EHS software systems can simplify an organization’s overall sustainability management, quality management systems (QMS) help a company meet quality QMS standards. The two types of software dovetail nicely because QMS and EHS functions overlap in many areas, increasing an organization’s compliance of ISO requirements.

    For example, both quality programs and EHS programs must consider elements, such as document control, employee training, audits and compliance, and risk assessments. Additionally, the goals of each program can align for the same results. For example, improving a production process can lead to a better product while also reducing waste. A QMS that meets ISO 9001 compliance, ISO 14001 compliance, and OHSAS 18001 compliance can benefit both quality and EHS programs.

    • Plan, publish, and measure facilities to established organizational quality program expectations with appropriate follow-up and responsibility tracking
    • Measure quality compliance with evolving industry standards and program expectations (e.g., ISO 9001, AS9100, GMP, TS)
    • Engage staff in key quality program activities e.g., compliance tasks, auditing, issue identification, CAPA, etc. and notify through automated alerts and reminders
    • Develop and schedule customized inspections to ensure processes and services remain in compliance
    • Record observed defects via mobile and online reporting; track and manage the RCA activities surrounding defect resolution
    • Report and analyze data and key performance indicators including ‘Cost of Quality’ by site or across the company through flexible and customizable reporting and data analytics capabilities
    • Establish mobile quality control– report quality issues and perform inspections with the Gensuite Mobile app for Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows devices

    • Streamline operational processes to improve quality
    • Optimize improvements to products and service
    • Measure real-time results and implement CAPA plan
    • Reduce expensive mistakes in production
    • Assign accountability to increase employee involvement
    • Reduce fines and increase ISO compliance
    • Increase customer quality satisfaction