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Gensuite EHS Management Software

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Gensuite EHS Management System software enables organizations to create a framework for planning and implementing programs to effectively manage business risk associated with environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S).

Incorporating a digital, centralized platform into your EHS management framework helps boost productivity and program performance by streamlining process conformity enterprise wide. EHS software integrates management of key environmental, health & safety compliance and business standards, implementation of corrective actions, and increases employee engagement and accountability of tasks, driving continuous improvement.


  • An important aspect of an EHS manager’s role includes overseeing that their organization adheres to required regulatory compliance obligations. Certifications in OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and ISO 14001 & 45001 set the foundation for operational excellence. In order to achieve and maintain certification, it is critical to have effective environmental, health, and safety management processes in place to comply with those specific standards.

    Implementing a centralized EHS management platform will help easily scope out program requirements and tasks for team members. Using comprehensive dashboards, improve visibility of site-level and enterprise-level status completion for compliance-related tasks. Automated email reminders will ensure your team never misses a deadline. With a digitized approach to ISO & VPP program compliance you can help ensure that your team and organization are quickly on the path to success.

    • Establish digital compliance management system to conform with standards (VPP, ISO 14001 & 45001) and define program expectations for all facilities across the enterprise
    • Measure all facilities on a common platform to gauge operational performance and improvement against set standards via a customizable scoring model
    • Engage stakeholders to operate the EHS management system by assigning ownership and rhythm for program reviews and metrics
    • Drive collaboration by recognizing and sharing best practices to support EHS program expectations
    • Manage program documentation centrally by including revision tracking, access control and the ability to showcase key documents
    • Mobile EHS software capability – Seamless integration from mobile to desktop. Tablet and smartphone-enabled solutions with Gensuite Mobile apps for Apple, Android, Amazon and Windows

    • Centralize EHS documents for easy search and sharing across teams
    • Easily define your organization’s core EHS program expectations, identify program gaps & track KPIs
    • Minimize business risk associated with inconsistencies among processes
    • Gain real-time visibility to into operational, compliance, and overall safety performance from comprehensive reporting & analytics
    • Reduce incident rates, injury & illness cases and overall DART rates
    • Improved reporting for site & corporate management on milestones accomplished
    • Maintain internal & external standards for Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) & Internal Standards Organization (ISO) requirements