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FriConAIR gas treatment system

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Supplier: APROVIS Energy Systems GmbH

The FriCon system cools and dehumidifies process gases for further use in combined heat and power plants or biogas treatment plants. This optimises the combustion process and increases operational reliability.


  • The FriConAIR is a user-friendly and the most energy-efficient version of the FriCon systems designed to meet professional requirements. The FriConAIR offers convenient regulation and control. Additionally, it provides energy-saving cooling against the ambient air. It is used at gas inlet temperatures of > 40°C. The FriConAIR is often used in combination with the FriCon: high gas temperatures can be cooled with the FriConAIR, and lower gas temperatures with the FriCon. This saves energy in the chiller and less refrigeration capacity is required. It also permits the use of smaller chillers. A dry cooler with an integrated hydraulic module provides and circulates the required coolant. The system controller regulates the cold water temperature and monitors the operating data.

  • What the APROVIS FriConAIR has to offer:
    - Gas cooler
    - Liquid chiller
    - Base frame
    - Condensate collection vessel with pump
    - Convenient regulation and control
    - Water / glycol initial filling (34% by volume)