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Electrocardiograph EК1Т-3/6-04 «Axion» (GSM)

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Supplier: Axion Ltd

Three/six-channel electrocardipgraph EK3TC-3/6-04 “AXION” with microprocessor control and automatic processing of the ECG is designed for measuring and graphic recording of heart bioelectric potentials when diagnosing the condition of the human cardiovascular system in hospitals, ambulances, health posts in organizations as well as for home treatment in ambulances.


  • Electrocardiograph has the following operating modes: self-testing, setting mode, manual mode of electrocardiogram (ECG) recording, automatic mode of ECG recording, recording ECG to the memory, ECG copy mode from the memory, ECG transmission to a PC, ECG transmission via GSM network.

  • Functions
    - Pacemaker detection
    - Automatic measurement of amplitude-time parameters of ECG
    - Typical cardiocycles construction
    - Transmission of ECG data to PC (USB)
    - ECG transmission via GSM, GPRS network
    - Automatic shut-off
    - Input of patient data and information on health facilities
    - Automatic recording when detecting arrhythmia
    - Construction of rhythmogram, histogram, scatterogram during HR monitoring
    - Protection against defibrillation
    - ECG interpretation (syndromic report) (option)
    - HR Audible indication
    - Sound signal level adjustment
    - Light indication of AC power, battery charge status, filters status, loose electrode, run of thermopaper
    - Synchronous recording in automatic mode
    - Automatic and manual operating modes
    - Filters of ECG signal: power disturbances, tremor, drift
    - Grid printing
    - Connecting an external AT-keyboard and laser printer

    - Electrocardipgraph
    - Patient cable
    - Power cord
    - Set of reusable electrodes
    - Carrying bag for transportation
    - Set of operational documentation
    - The starter set of consumables (2 rolls of thermal paper).