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Electrocardiograph EК1Т-1/3-07 «Axion» (GSM)

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Supplier: Axion Ltd

Single / three-channel Electrocardiograph EK1T-1 / 3-07 “AXION” with data communication via GSM with combined power supply – modern device for registration of bioelectric heart potentials when diagnosing the condition of the human cardiovascular system.


  • - Single / three-channel Electrocardiograph EK1T-1 / 3-07 “AXION” is used both in specialized and non-specialized hospital departments (particularly ergonomic during ward rounds), in clinics, general practitioner offices, ambulances and first-aid stations.
    - Compact, simple intuitive operation, clear image of the ECG on the screen.

  • Functions
    - Typical cardiocycles construction
    - Transmission of ECG data to PC (USB)
    - Pacemaker detection
    - Transmission of ECG data to cardiogram collection server via GSM channel
    - Communication with a dispatcher via voice channel
    - Adjustable GSM modem
    - Automatic recording when detecting arrhythmia
    - Construction of rhythmogram, histogram, scatterogram during HR monitoring
    - Simultaneous printing leads 1/2/3
    - Protection against defibrillation
    - Combined power supply (electricity mains/battery)
    - HR Audible indication
    - Sound signal level adjustment
    - Light indication of AC power, battery charge status, filters status, loose electrode,run of thermopaper
    - Synchronous recording in automatic mode
    - Automatic and manual operating modes
    - Filters of ECG signal: power disturbances, tremor, drift
    - Automatic grid printing
    - Device
    - Patient cable
    - Power cord
    - Set of reusable electrodes
    - Carrying bag
    - Set of operational documentation
    - Audio headset with microphone
    - CD with software for PC
    - The starter set of consumables (2 rolls of thermal paper)
    - Software for ECG transmission to a remote location (optional).

  • External memory type of memory card microSD to 16 Gb.