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Defibrillator - monitor DKI-N-11 "Axion"

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Supplier: Axion Ltd

Defibrillator - monitor DKI-N-11 "Axion". It is used in hospitals, cardiology clinics and for equipping emergency medical assistance team.


  • Defibrillator- monitor «AXION» is new device in the product range of Ltd. Concern "AXION". All technical characteristics of the model DKI-N-11 “AXION” are saved: the formation of physiologically optimal bipolar pulse energy to 360 J. Functions of external, endocardial and transesophageal pacing. Kids and adults electrodes. Time of energy accumulation 200 J- 6 sec, 360 J – 10 sec. Voice support of the operator's and device operation. All information is displayed on the TFT-screen and recorded on thermal printer. Power supply 220 V is added. Storage battery is built-in. There is a replaceable memory card. 
    Displaying information:
    Values of the preset energy, three ECG leads, the replacement battery condition, upper and lower alarm limits for heart rate and the current value, energy accumulation process, current date and time, recording mode, current applied and the resistance of the patient's chest, photoplethysmogram, pulse frequency, SpO2 value, systolic and diastolic blood Pressure values, pacing channel settings, message duplication of voice support of the operator's actions and device operation.

  • ECG:
    - Two ECG receiving channels From defibrillation electrodes and separate ECG cable
    - ECG-monitoring through a 4-lead ECG cable I...II, aVR...aVF
    - ECG-monitoring through a 10-lead ECG cable (option) I...III, aVR...aVF, V1...V6
    - ECG channel sensivity, mm/mV 5, 10, 20
    - Image motion speed, mm/sec 12,5; 25; 50
    - HR measuring range, bpm from 30 to 300
    - The absolute error of HR measuring, bpm ±2
    - Paper width, mm 58 
    - Possibility of grid printing at a pitch of 1mm Presence
    - Sweep speed, mm/sec 12,5; 25; 50
    Power supply:
    - When operated from replaceable storage battery
    - Battery charging time, at least 4h
    - When operated from DС mains 12-20 V
    - When operated from AC mains 190-250V of frequency 50-60Hz
    - Period of continuous operation when operated AC mains, at least 168h
    - Mains power, no more than 210 VA
    - Period of continuous operation in monitoring mode when operated from the rechargeable storage battery, at least 3h
    - Automatic external defibrillation (AED) — option 100-360J
    - Blood pressure channel — option
    - Range of blood pressure measurements, mm Hg from 20 to 280
    - The absolute error of blood pressure measurement in cuff, mm Hg ±3
    - Pulsoximetry channel — option
    - The range of SpO2 measurement, % 0-100
    - The absolute error of SpO2 readings, % ±3
    - The range of pulse rate measurement, bpm from 30 to 240
    - The absolute error of pulse rate measurement, bpm ±2