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Cubicon MAX600 Large Scale SLA Industrial 3D Printer

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Cubicon MAX600 Large Scale SLA Industrial 3D Printer


  • What is the SLA method?
    - The laser cures the top end (output side) of the resin precisely.
    - As the build plate descends by one layer, the output is generated from the bottom layer upwards.
    - Depending on the shape of the printed item, the support is also created to output in a stable state.
    - When each task is completed, the build plate will be lifted to check the output.
    - To compare and analyze several draft designs based on their actual sizes and materials
    - To check problems of existing products based on their actual sizes and materials, and to reflect in planning
    - To finalize the plan by verifying the ideal size for customers in actual size
    - To check the product assembly process and completeness of complex mechanisms in advance and to reflect the results in the design
    - To make a final check on screws and holes in the correct position
    Test and Evaluation
    - To check in advance places where foreign substances reside in a pipe
    - To check the actual heating value of a instead of simple calculation
    - To analyze to verify any problem with oil flow depending on the temperature range
    Mold Checking
    - To optimize the number of ribs and the shape to prevent molding defects
    - To adjust the position and number of ejector pins in consideration of the design
    - To optimize the size of the stepped pulley
    - To optimize the gate position for weld-free molds
    Production Preparation
    - To pre-test and prepare production lines before the final prototype is released
    - To easily identify products with free-form surfaces
    - To support small quantity batch production
    - To support immediate fabrication only based on design without costly mold
    Product Description
    - To allow sales representatives use the material for explaining the product to customers
    Replacements and Accessories after Mass Production
    - To promptly make replacement in case of a problem in part of the production equipment
    - To immediately produce and utilize any necessary accessories for efficient mass production

  • Item


    Build Envelope Capacity

    600 600 400 mm (Full Vat)

    Maximum Build Weight

    70 kg

    Accuracy (X & Y-axis)

    0.1 mm (Part size < 100mm) / 0.1L

    Beam Size

    80μm to 700μm (Adjustable spot size)

    Scanning Speed

    6~10 m/s (SCANLAB)

    Layer Thickness

    0.05~0.2 mm

    Machine Size & Weight

    W1,064 D1,326 H1,904 mm & 1,200kg


    Solid-state frequency tripled Nd:YVO4, 3W


    355 nm

    Part Preparation

    Materialise Magics

    Operating System

    Windows 7, Windows 10*

    Input Data File Format

    STL, SLC

    Electrical Requirements

    200~240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Max Current 6A

    Laser Warranty

    12 months

    Recoater Type

    Hyvision Recoater Auto Leveling & Tilt Calibration System

    Systems Control


    - Within the range of 600x600x400mm (Dimensions) and 70kg (Weight), you can design and precisely print the shapes you want.
    - There is nothing the user has to worry about in terms of precisely printing. The MAX600 automatically adjusts and prints.
    Shape less than 0.5mm, precisely as designed
    - It has a high performance laser built in to accurately print the appearance of the printed output. Shapes less than 0.5mm are output correctly without any distortion.
    - That is, MAX600 can print even the most delicate workpieces without problems.
    Tilting Calibration Function
    - The proprietary Auto-Collimator measurement system (HVO-AC50L) for MAX600 has a high resolution of 0.001268 deg.
    - Use the system to adjust the alignment between the recoater and the resin surface to within 0.01 deg.
    - It also monitors tilt real time, precisely aligning the printer in the direction of gravity.
    High-Precision Recoater Auto Leveling System
    - MAX600 is equipped with its unique ‘High-Precision Recoater Auto Leveling’ system based on a precision vacuum sensor and a laser displacement sensor.
    - By applying the method of coating the resin surface uniformly for the next layer output after one layer output, it maintains the optimum output quality through precise control of the layer thickness.
    MAX600 supports all kinds of materials we know. You can print the material/texture right from your head.
    - Rigid and Solid Material
    - Transparent Material
    - Flexible and Elastic Material
    - Suitable Material for Special Environment 
    The variable laser spot size system developed by HyVISION SYSTEM sets off the interior at high speed so that it can make printing faster.
    Variable Laser Spot Size System
    - The system developed by HyVISION SYSTEM can support variable laser spot sizes, ranging from 80um to 700um.
    - The outside of the item will be printed at precisely high quality by adjusting the laser spot smaller.
    - The inside of the item will be printed at high speed by adjusting the laser spot bigger.
    312secs at 80um output, 68secs at 700um output Up to 4.5 times faster output
    - Printing at 500x500mm in laser spot size of 80um takes approximately 312 seconds, while printing in laser spot size of 700um can finish in 68 seconds.
    - The laser spot size can be adjusted within a wide range (from 80um to 700um) so that it can set off up to 4.5 times faster than printing without resizing.
    - The output dimensions are the largest among SLA 3D printers developed in South Korea.
    - If the dimensions and weight of the given item are within the range of 600x600x400mm and 70kg respectively, you can print it as many times as you want.
    MAX600 incorporates a design structure developed by HyVISION SYSTEM which specializes in test equipment. Thus, external vibrations do not flow into the printer so that it enables reliable printing regardless of the external environment.