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Control module CXE/AVE

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Supplier: Ziehl Abegg AG

UNIcon control modules record system values and control power units such as frequency converters or EC fans on this basis. There are several variants to choose from. From multifunctional devices to sensor control modules specifically tailored to applications in refrigeration or air conditioning. UNIcon control modules can be used to control single or multiple fans. Pre-programmed operating modes can be selected for typical applications of our customers. Depending on the application, the appropriate sensors are connected.


  • - All ZIEHL-ABEGG sensors can be combined with the UNIcon CXE/CXG universal control module. The actual value measured at the sensor is compared with the setpoint. This results in the 0-10 V output signal. Two 0-10 V outputs are integrated. These serve to activate EC fans, frequency inverters and other devices.
    - Optionally, connected field devices can be activated by MODBUS-RTU. ZIEHL-ABEGG frequency inverters or ECblue fans can be conveniently addressed quickly and automatically. Universal control module also contains two separate control circuits, a real time clock and timer functions.
    - UNIcon universal control modules are especially suitable for the following applications: Refrigeration, air conditioning, general ventilation tasks, clean room technology. For applications in the areas mentioned, fast start-up is possible by selecting preset operating modes.

  • Multifunction display with clear text display:
    Different menu languages are selectable
    Simple commissioning by operating modes:
    Typical operating modes, e.g. for air-conditioning, refrigeration or ventilation technology can be selected.
    Activation of a second control circuit in the selected operating mode:
    By assignment of the sensor function input 2 (E2) for the second control circuit.
    Simple programmability:
    e. g. setting of a minimum speed, limitation of the maximum speed, inversions and limits.
    Setting, e.g. for 2-step mode
    2 analog inputs for sensors or setting signals:
    Analog input E1 and E2: Setting by operating modes or manually programmable, e.g. 0-10 V, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
    Analog input E2: programmable, e.g. comparison with sensor 1, difference to sensor 1, average value formation, setpoint setting, setpoint adaptation (e.g. outside temperature-dependent)
    2 digital inputs D1, D2:
    Programmable, e.g. enable, switch over setpoint 1 or 2, switchover control or manual mode, switchover E1 or E2, control function reversal, output limitation, display of external fault
    2 analog outputs for controlling external speed controllers, EC fans, other devices:
    Analog output A1 and A2: Setting by operating modes or manually programmable, e.g. output signal proportional to modulation, output signal proportional to input signal, invertible, 10 V constant voltage, group control
    Standard conformity
    Interference emission according to EN 61000-6-3 (domestic)
    Interference immunity according to EN 61000-6-2 (industrial)