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Clinical Intelligence Solution TA Scan

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  • TA Scan is a comprehensive, web-based clinical business intelligence tool that aggregates and analyzes clinically relevant public and private data to facilitate and accelerate data-driven decision-making for all aspects of clinical study planning and implementation through data insights and analytics.

  • Single Source of Truth

    With TA Scan’s AI and ML power, teams working on clinical, medical affairs, marketing and commercial projects never have to comb through data silos and rely on anecdotal evidence ever again. TA Scan is an intuitive, all-in-one tool that collects, aggregates, and analyzes a plethora of private and public data sources in one comprehensive place. Mine data from hundreds of public domain sources (e.g., PubMed, DrugBank, etc.), including 400,000 unique clinical trials taking place in almost 200 countries around the globe. You can supplement the standard TA Scan public data offering with any public or private data set for a 360° view on your disease landscape incorporating your prior experience.

    Weekly Data Updates

    More than 4,500 users from 7 of the Top 20 Pharma companies are staying ahead of today’s competitive clinical trial landscape thanks to TA Scan’s automated weekly data updates. TA Scan includes data of 22 clinical trial registries around the world, containing 2 million healthcare professionals, 6.5M+ publications, 630K+ presentations, 260K+ unique drugs, and 7K+ MoAs spread over 525 therapeutic areas. Combined with your private data, this will give you a full view on the clinical landscape.

    Comprehensive Trial Feasibility Analysis

    TA Scan’s Trial Feasibility Wizard uses all aggregated historical public clinical trial data to-date for analysis and optimization assumptions about target patient profile enrollment, allowing for more accurate planning of when trials should be initiated. Additionally, the algorithm searches and identifies competing clinical studies happening at preferred sites within your enrollment periods. Their impact is analyzed, and you get recommendations for alternative site availability and scheduling dates.

    Adaptive, Interactive Reporting

    Organize your TA Scan search results into a raw data Excel format or into an in-depth analysis report that automatically updates. You can even create flexible reports that only contain the most relevant data elements customized to your needs. Share interactive reports with real-time data among colleagues or export your report into a PDF to facilitate accessibility and wider sharing for further input.