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Centurion 1500 water purification system for hemodialysis

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Supplier: SUEZ Water Purification Systems Ltd

Centurion 1500 is an innovative, high quality water purification solution for the promotion and easy management of self-care at home as well as more traditional in-centre treatments. Our single patient unit is simple to use and has the capability of obtaining optimum microbiological performance as well as the prescriptive water quality which is essential for any haemodialysis application.


  • - Maximum flow rates of 1500 milliliters per minute.
    - The permeate specification exceeds recognised haemodialysis standards.
    - State of the art, touch screen display for easy control.
    - Integrated hot water sanitisation option for enhanced microbiological performance.*
    - Data logging.
    - CAT5 compliant break tank.
    - Quiet operation.
    - Nocturnal mode featuring further noise reduction for overnight dialysis
    - All models have a semi-automated chemical cleaning program.
    - Recirculation up to the point of use.
    - Internal leak detection system for peace of mind within the home environment.
    - Dedicated purpose-built trolley is available for portability.
    - Optional ultra-filtration module is available providing enhanced microbiological specification.
    - Audible alarm with mute facility.
    - Antimicrobial coated fascia.
    - Tilt detection – safety feature for automatic shutdown if unit is tilted or knocked over.

  • Performance

    Product Output (max)

    1500 milliliters per minute @10˚C

    Water Quality


    With optional UF fitted1


    Feed Water Parameters

    Total Hardness (max)

    400 ppm as CaC03

    Temperature2 min/max


    Inlet Pressure min/max

    2/6 bar

    Free Chlorine3

    0.5 – 1.0 ppm Cl2

    Power Requirements

    230V/50Hz and 120V/60Hz

    Dimensions (w, d, h)

    280mm x 500mm x 840 mm

    Shipping Weight4

    35 Kg