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Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution

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Supplier: Cytiva

A hyperplexed imaging technique delivering spatial biomarker mapping


  • Meet Cell DIVE multiplexed imaging solution for spatial biomarker analysis

    Delivers thousands of data points from just one tissue section, down to the single-cell level.

    • Customizable: design and configure experiments exactly how you want
    • Precise: collect the data valuable to you, and trust in your results
    • Proven: years of experience plus three tested and refined technologies, merged into one solution

  • ParameterCell Dive multiplexed imaging solution
    Height66 cm 
    Width112.8 cm
    Depth63.5 cm 
    Weight105.7 kg
    Illumination modalitiesWidefield fluorescence 
    System enclosureTotal system enclosure with laser interlock for safer operation 
    Temperature fluctuationNo more than ± 2°C over 4 h with an hourly variation of no more than 1°C 
    Heat output500 W 
    Power consumption (max)500 W 
    Overvoltage categoryII 
    Manufacturing siteCytiva, Issaquah, WA, USA 
    Operating temperatureStable from 18°C – 24°C 
    Relative humidity10% to 80%, noncondensing 
    Power requirements100–127/200–240 VAC, 5A/2.5 A 50–60 Hz 

    • Trust your results with an automated imager engineered for precision, speed, and sensitivity
    • Customize your own panels and have the flexibility to stain and image as you need with our extensive list of validated antibodies
    • Iteratively probe, image, and de-stain to capture thousands of spatial cellular data points from just one tissue section
    • Have confidence knowing that our gentle protocol will not harm your tissue sample — no stripping of antibodies or complicated sample preparation steps are required
    • Reveal up to 60 biomarkers in one sample with hyperplexed immunofluorescence imaging, compared to multispectral imaging tools typically capable of analyzing six to eight