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Aquacell Electro-chemical Deodorizer

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Supplier: Aquacell Co., Ltd.

Unlike the existing chemical cleaning deodorizers the Aquacell electrochemical deodorizers are environment-friendly in that they electrolyze salt water in order to remove/decompose bad odor and VOCs into harmless gases for emission without separate chemical injection.


  • Application: 
    - Wastewater treatment plants
    - All sorts of sludges during the treatment process
    - Sewage treatment plants
    - Food waste treatment process
    - Waste landfills
    - Livestock wastewater disposal plants
    Process Chart of Treatment 

  • ItemInletOutletEfficiency(%)
    Complex Odor14.42244896.89%
    Hydrogen Sulfide354.4n.d100%
    Methyl Mercaptan1.304n.d100%
    Dimethyl Sulfide0.995n.d100%
    Dimethyl Disulfide0.515n.d100%

  • - It solves the safety problems caused from storage, breakage, leakage, etc., without handling the toxic chemicals directly.
    - Maintenance is easy, since a storage tank for chemicals is not required.
    - Deodorization efficiency is maximized through electrolysis, as hypochlorous acid (HOC hypochlorite ions(OC-) and OH radicals (OH) are generated at the same time.
    - The use of Aquacell media raises odor removal efficiency and enables the device to be compact.