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100kN Flexural (Beams) Frame (Supplied Without Specimen Bearers and Fitting Kit)

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Supplier: ELE International LLC

This rigidly constructed, open sided frame is suitable for testing kerbs and flagstones to EN 1339,1340. With optional accessories it can also be used to test 100 mm and 150 mm section beams for flexural strength to EN 12390-5.


  • The frame supports a hydraulic ram and upper subplaten assembly incorporating spherical seating. The upper and lower sub-platens will accept specimen loading bearers, which are supplied separately.

  • - Description: 100kN Flexural (Beams) Frame
    - Weight: 159
    - BS 1881-118: Yes
    - EN 12390-5: Yes
    - Dimensions length x width x height: 380 x 505 x 845
    - Maximum Vertical Clearance: 164 mm
    - Maximum Ram Travel: 75 mm